About this item Home-Brewed Excellence: Relish the iconic taste with McCafe Decaf Coffee K Cups, bringing the genuine McCafe experience to your home or office. A Sip of Purity: Indulge in our medium roast coffee, sourced from 100% Arabica beans, cultivated in the world's elite coffee regions. Optimized for Keurig: Compatible with all Keurig brewing systems, each K-Cup promises a consistently delightful brew. Freshness Sealed: Each of the 24 K-Cups in the box is sealed to perfection, ensuring the freshness and aroma remain intact. Certified Excellence: Not just a treat to the senses, our coffee stands tall with its Kosher certification, reflecting our commitment to quality. Exclusive K-Cup Brewing Tips Card: 5 Tips for Making the Best Tasting K-cup Coffee Possible from Insiteful Deals

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